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The Symbol Factory.NET Cutaway Control is a free utility component included with Symbol Factory.NET that can be placed on top of other objects to create vertical fills.

  • Single or multi-color fills
  • Simulated “water surface”
  • Simple “Level, LevelMax, LevelMin” interface lets you pass in your data from any source and even control fill limits at runtime
  • Set your own fill color and empty color at design time or runtime
  • Use any color in the windows pallette
  • Blink at your choice of 3 speeds
  • Up to 50 bands of user configurable animation - i.e. tie to as many alarm limits as you like!
  • Like the Standard Control, data can come from
    • OPC data sources using our OPC Data Client
    • Bring your data in from anywhere you like, databases, calculated values, other OPC to .NET connectors or drivers - your choice.

Symbol Factory.NET Cutaway Control Properties Pages




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