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Would you like to see how to use Symbol Factory.NET with our other .NET components to get data from your PLCs and control systems, display it, trend it, and more? We offer a regular webinar series where our team gives you an overview of how its done.

Using Interactive Graphics with Data Acquisition Tools

Agenda: - Approximately 1 hour

  • Overview of Graphic Packages and Data Acquisition Tools
  • OPC Extender.NET
  • Industrial Gadgets ActiveX
  • Symbol Factory .NET
  • Plot Pack .NET
  • Q & A period


Visual Studio .NET HMI Application

Description: In this webinar, we will teach you how, with off-the-shelf .NET components, you can connect directly to PLCs using our OPC Extender.NET, and create machine user interfaces using Symbol Factory.NET and graphically trend your data using PlotPack.NET. This will not be a Powerpoint presentation! We use Visual Studio.NET (VB/C#) and build things as you watch.

Agenda: - Approximately 1 hour

  • Connecting to OPC DA OPC Servers (i.e. Kepware, TOP Server, Matrikon, others) using OPC Extender.NET
  • Displaying animated graphics using Symbol Factory.NET
  • Trending data and logging to text file using PlotPack.NET
  • Q & A period


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