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TOPServer_Generic_261w_276hThe TOP Server configuration is one of it’s key features.  Providing you with the ability to quickly and effectively make the connections you require, while providing the flexibility and control you need to optimize your system.  If you haven’t used the TOP Server before, take a few minutes to review our Quick Start Guide

Below is a list of some of the key configuration feature.  Click on the navigation bar to the left for more information on the topics.

Single Server Interface:
Multiple drivers can be "plugged in" to one OPC Server application which centralizes communications and greatly reduces user learning curves.  While licenses for each driver/Suite or plug-in are sold separately, each can be used together in one TOP Server process.

Auto Tag Generation
A number of the drivers support automatic generation of the Tag database in the TOP Server by reading from a program file, export file or directly from the PLC in the case of the ControlLogix Ethernet Driver for example. 

CSV Import/Export
The TOP Server supports the import and export of tag data in a CSV (comma separated variable) file.  The CSV functions are only available when a Device or Tag Group is selected.  Using CSV import and export, tags can be created quickly in the application of your choice.  See XML support to make changes to channel or device settings.

XML Supported Project Files
The TOP Server project file can be saved as an XML file so any XML editor can be used to make changes to the project.  This gives you the ability to use a standard TOP Server project that can be change quickly for each new project through simple find and replace methods in your XML editor or you can build your own project creator if you have XML development skills

Project Settings
The TOP Server V5 has project settings like Identification that will help with project management.  Check out all the settings now included in your TOP Server project file, making it easier than ever to reuse existing TOP Server configurations on other machines.

Multiple Connections
The ability to configure channels of communications to your devices is in your control.  Do you need independent threads of communication to your Ethernet devices or more then one connection to the same device?  You can do all this and more with the TOP Server.

Static or Dynamic Tag Configuration Support
Learn more about the advantages of using Static tags in the TOP Server you can access from any Client Application or the ability to request device addresses directly from your Client Application “dynamically” without having to configure tags in the TOP Server.

Copy/Paste Changes
Did you know that the TOP Server Channel and Device configuration supports copy and paste changes as well as the tag configuration?  If you have to make changes to your project or have a lot of devices to connect to, one fast way to get it done is with simple copy and paste.

Topic/Alias Map
If you are connecting to the TOP Server using one of the native connection like, SuiteLink or DDE the Alias Map will show you the default Topics and let you change the scan or polling rate.  The Alias Map can also be used with OPC Clients if you don’t want to use the standard ChannelName dot DeviceName path.  That’s right, you can configure the path you want to use to connect to the TOP Server. 

The TOP Server’s built in User Interface Security will help you prevent unauthorized changes to your configuration.  Learn how to use this feature to avoid rework.

Offline Editing
TOP Server Version 5 takes configuration to a new level.  This lets you make changes to your configuration without applying your changes and gives you project management abilities built right in.  The Event Log also capture who connects to the runtime configuration to maintain traceablity with your system.

OPC UA Configuration Manager
TOP Server Version 5.2 introduced support for the OPC Unified Architecture specification.  This lets you use TOP Server with any OPC Client that support OPC UA DA Profile now or in the future.  The new UA Client Driver also let you connect to OPC UA DA Profile Servers.  The OPC UA Configuration Manager is used to configure your UA connections and security for both the built in UA Server support and optional OPC UA Client Driver.

OPC Express Interface (XI/.NET 3.0)
TOP Server Version 5.4 introduced support for the OPC .NET 3.0 (Xi) specification.  This lets you use the TOP Server with any OPC .NET 3.0 (Xi) client that support the OPC .NET 3.0 (DA or AE Profile) now or in the future.

Remote Configuration
The TOP Server will be adding the ability to remotely configure the Server from other PC’s.  This will make using the TOP Server easier to access and use in your environment.  Let us know if this is something you want to take advantage of.

Connection Sharing
Starting with V5.10, TOP Server can now share a COM port or modem connection with multiple protocols for select drivers.  This is typically useful in telemetry situations with remote sites having multiple protocol types at each site.



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