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OPC Data Logger


If you need to log your data, Software Toolbox can help you get the job done.  The OPC Data Logger is a separately licensed application that also runs as a service and can log to a text file, including in CSV format supported by Excel.  It also supports native data base connections to MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and ODBC.  Take a look at the first OPC Certified Client application at the OPC Data Logger web site for more detailed information.  The Software Toolbox OPC Data Logger can connect to any OPC Server.


  • Easy-to-setup with new Wizard driven configuration
  • OPC Certified for Compliance - assures interoperability
  • Native drivers for Oracle, MySQL, & SQL Server insures reliable database connectivity (i.e. no ODBC used)
  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Automatic recovery of lost connections
  • Buffers data when connection to data storage lost
  • Test new configurations without suspending active logging
  • Automatic Tag import capabilities
  • No Tag limits
  • No OPC Server connection limits
  • No Database or Textfile connection limits
  • Extensive diagnostics and troubleshooting tools
  • Provides valuable process data to help you save money by improving your process

A plug-in component for the TOP Server is also available that supports ODBC logging directly from the TOP Server, including store-and-forward support - Click Here to see more



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