Offline Editing




TOP Server Version 5 Offline Editing Gives You Full Control

The TOP Server Version 5 provides you with greater control of your project and added security with Offline Editing ability.

  • You can edit the Configuration in Runtime mode live or Edit off line in Configuration mode and download changes when you are ready.
  • Use the Runtime mode with the OPC Quick Client and the other diagnostic features for Startup and Testing
  • Use the Configuration mode to make project changes and help with project change traceability in conjunction with the Event Log.




Two Control Interfaces:

  • Administration is used to view and/or modify settings and launch applications that pertain to user management and the server. By default, the Administration is started and sent to the system tray when a user account logs onto the operating system.
  • Configuration is the main TOP Server user interface used to create projects, manage projects
    • Two Configuration Interface Modes:
      • Configuration mode is the client user interface that is used to modify and look at your project offline. The Configuration can be launched by multiple users and will eventually support remote configuration.  Click on the Runtime - Connect... menu and you can load your offline configuration to the live server.
      • Runtime connects you to the server component that starts as a service by default. Any edits that you make are applied live.  The TOP Server will start in Runtime Mode by default. To cause the TOP Server Configuration Interface to open in Configuration Mode - click on Tools - Options - General tab - Startup and uncheck the box as shown below.



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