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Omron NJ / NX Ethernet Driver Details

This driver is a member of the TOP Server Omron Suite OPC Server.  When you download or purchase the Omron Suite, this driver is included along with all the TOP Server built-in features. This driver provides connectivity to Omron NJ / NX Ethernet series controllers via EtherNet/IP (CIP over Ethernet) protocol.  The Omron NJ / NX Ethernet driver is a multi-threaded high performance driver for simultaneous communication with multiple PLCs using multiple channels.

TOP Server OPC Certified


TOP Server Omron NJ / NX Ethernet DriverProtocols Supported:

  • EtherNet/IP (CIP over Ethernet)

Physical Networks Supported:

  • TCP/IP Ethernet

Maximum Number of Channels Supported:

Devices Supported:

  • Omron NJ / NX Ethernet 301
  • Omron NJ / NX Ethernet 501
  • CJ1W-EIP21 - Module routes to supported Omron Sysmac NJ devices
  • Omron NX series (such as NX102)

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Standard Features:

  • Direct Ethernet connections to local NJ controllers
  • Variable/Symbol-based addressing
  • All data types supported, including String (See Address Descriptions in Omron NJ / NX Ethernet Help File)
    • Including read/write support of Unicode characters for String variables (multi-lingual support)
  • Uses standard Ethernet Network Interface Card for TCP/IP Communications
  • Standard TOP Server Built-In Features

Advanced Driver Features:

  • CIP Connection Path Routing for connectivity to remote CPUs through a local CPU.
  • Configurable CIP connection size up to 1996 bytes - increased performance with larger connection sizes
  • Configurable array block size
  • Data Type Coercion - driver can convert certain Omron data types from the controller to more than one server data type for flexible data sharing with the client
  • Automatic Tag Generation of global variables from the controller program
    • Including Date_And_Time variables (Read/Write)
  • DNS Host Name Resolution
  • Optimized communications allow each device to have a separate thread/channel of communications (up to 256 devices)
  • Specify a Network Interface Card at the channel level (Details)



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