OPC Interoperability Testing
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Most Current OPC Interoperability Testing Results

At OPC Interop Workshops we test TOP Server with all available OPC DA Clients that attend.  We are limited by who chooses to attend, so some years have a longer list than others.  For this reason we make our entire history available to you through this page and the links on this page.

If your OPC Client is not on the list ask your vendor if they know about OPC Interoperability Workshops and tell them you feel they should attend.  The workshop gives vendors a chance to verify and insure their products work well with others, so you as a customer can be confident. While not being on this list does not mean there will be problems, it does show our commitment to prevent as many issues as possible before you buy and use our products. Encourage your OPC Client vendors to attend OPC Interop workshops.

As part of our continuing commitment to deliver reliable, interoperable and quality OPC products, Software Toolbox participates in the annual OPC Foundation Interoperability Workshops.  TOP Server V5 was tested at the 2010 OPC Interoperability workshop and passed all tests.

And because TOP Server is powered by Kepware’s technology, and Kepware has taken it’s OPC Server products to the OPC Foundation’s Independent Test Lab, TOP Server has been awarded the prestigious OPC Independent Test Lab Certification.  With V5.7, TOP Server is independently lab certified for the OPC DA 2.05a/3.0 Server interfaces and the OPC UA Server interface.

OPC Unified Architecture 1.01 - 2010

  • Trend Link ActiveX - Canary Labs, Inc
  • Stratus Vision Designer - Mobiform Software, Inc.
  • Ignition OPC-UA Client - Inductive Automation
  • OPC Data Logger - Software Toolbox
  • OPCUA Client/Browser for Simatic WinCC V7 - Ing.-Buero Allmendinger
  • UA Migration Tool - Yokogawa Electric Corperations
  • InduSoft Web Studio - OPC Client - InduSoft LLC
  • Status Client - Mobiform Software, Inc.
  • Status WCF Server for Silverlight - Mobiform Software, Inc.

OPC Data Access 2.05a (DA2) interface:

  • ARC Informatique - PCVUE 8.2
  • Canary Labs, Inc. - Trend Historian - HDA Server & DA Client 7.0
  • Prior OPC Interoperability Testing Results

    Canary Labs, Inc. - Trend Link ActiveX Control 7.0
  • Cogent Real-Time Systems Inc. - OPC DataHub 6.4
  • Cyberlogic Technologies, Inc. - Cyberlogic OPC Client 7.00
  • Cyberlogic Technologies, Inc. - Validator 7.00
  • GE Fanuc Automation - Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX 4.5 4.5
  • ICONICS, Inc. - GraphWorX64 V10
  • InduSoft LLC - CEView OPC Client 6.1+SP4
  • InduSoft LLC - InduSoft Web Studio - OPC Client 6.1+SP4
  • Invensys Systems, Inc - FDSI OPC Client 1.3.1
  • Invensys Systems, Inc - SIMSCI-ESSCOR'S ROMeO OPC Client 5.0
  • Junot Systems, Inc. - NLINK OPC to SAP Solution 4.2
  • Kepware Technologies - OPC DA Client Driver 4.00.4
  • Matrikon - Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian™
  • OSIsoft, Inc. - PI OPC Interface
  • Rockwell Automation - FactoryTalk Live Data Client
  • Siemens AG - SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2008
  • Software Toolbox, Inc - OPC Data Logger
  • Software Toolbox, Inc - SLIK-DAC OPC DA Client ActiveX/.NET Control 2.0

OPC Data Access 3 (DA3) interface:

  • Cyberlogic Technologies, Inc. - Cyberlogic OPC Client 7.00
  • Cyberlogic Technologies, Inc. - Validator 7.00
  • Inductive Automation - FactorySQL 4.2
  • Junot Systems, Inc. - NLINK OPC to SAP Solution 4.2
  • Kepware Technologies - OPC DA Client Driver 4.00.4
  • Mobiform Software, Inc. - Status Vision Designer
  • MSIndustrie Software GmbH - MSI-NICE
  • Siemens AG - Simatic WinCC V7.0



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