TOP Server Quick Start Guide
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The Basics for Running the Software Toolbox TOP Server OPC Server

Software Needed:  TOP Server Free Trial Version  - no hardware required

This document will explain by example for someone that is totally new to TOP Server:

Step 1: Install TOP Server

Double Click on the self-extracting executable file you downloaded - topserverdemo.exe

If you have an older version of TOP Server on your computer, you have the option to install Version 5 side-by-side so that you can run both at the same time. 

We recommend Side by Side unless you are absolutely sure you want to replace your TOP Server Version 4 with Version 5.

You will not see this screen if you do not have a TOP Server Version 4 on your computer.


Next, you will have the opportunity to specify where you would like TOP Server to store and pull it’s configuration from at startup. 

By default, configurations are stored at \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Software Toolbox\TOP Server\V5\

If you uncheck the box as shown here, you can point to a different folder name, which may be local or a network folder.

Most users should not change this setting as it is only used in special situations such as servers in a Windows Cluster that need to share a common configuration file.


Next, the Vertical Bundle Selection section gives you the option to select one of our Industry Suites for installation.

This option will automatically select the specific drivers included in the selected suite, eliminating the need to manually select separate drivers in the next step.

If you will not be using an Industry Suite, you can leave this at the default selection of “None” and continue.


You will be presented with a list of drivers to install as shown here - if you select none, our simulation driver will be installed.

This Quick Start assumes you will use our simulation driver and will use the Allen Bradley Suite DF1 driver for examples of configuration a channel and a device.

If you plan to utilize any of our other PLC drivers, you may choose them here to be installed. 

You may re-run the installation program later to add additional TOP Server drivers to your computer.


If you will be using the iFix PDB or Wonderware Suitelink Interfaces, be sure that you select to install the “Native Client Interfaces as shown here.


Once the installation is complete you may launch the TOP Server Configuration Interface by clicking:

  • Start -> Programs -> Software Toolbox -> TOP Server 5-> TOP Server 5 - Configuration

Example shown is from Windows Vista start menu, your Start Menu may vary in appearance based on your operating system version.







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