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Linkmaster OPC Bridge


  • Multithreaded 32-bit native design allows us to maximize your total throughput for large systems
  • Can run as a desktop application or as Windows Service for unattended operation
  • Easily scales as your needs grow
  • Input values can be scaled to output writes
  • The LinkMaster is made up of four key areas:

  1. The Input Browser - This is where you select the first OPC Server you will connect to and browse for the tags you need to read.
  2. The Output Browser - This is where you select the second OPC Server you will connect to and browses for tags you will write too. 
  3. The Link Group - This is used as a organizational group for your links.  It also controls the rate clients connected to the LinkMaster will receive updates and can control how fast all tags under the group will transfer data.  You can also disable the link for all tags in a group here, so you can have different groups enabled for different situations.
  4. The Link List - This shows which tags are connected and input or output data and the attributes of this link included the current value.  You can have one input value update more then one output tag, by dragging and dropping tags from either the Input or Output Browser to the link.  The Input tag is always the first tag dropped in to the blank area of the Link List.  Outputs are any tag dropped on a current link.  This means data can move either direction between two or more OPC Servers.

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