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Linkmaster OPC Bridge

OPC Quick Client

You can launch our OPC Quick Client at any time by clicking on the button on the toolbar of the Linkmaster. When the Quick Client launches it will automatically connect to the Linkmaster, browse it for available tags, subscribe to them, and start displaying the live data.

Caution: Each time you click the icon shown above we will launch another instance of the Quick Client as there is no hard coded limit on the number of clients you can have simultaneously connected to the server.

Once you have launched the Quick Client, you will see it on your Windows Task. The quick client is shown in action at the below


Once you have the quick client launched you can right click on any tag name to write different values to the tags. Remember though that tags that reference R registers are overwritten by the simulated data as soon as you write a new value - you will see your write though. For example, if the tag has a value of 2359 when you write a 0 to it, you'll see our simulator automatically keep counting up from 0 after your write.  If you right click on the folders on the left and choose properties you can control how fast the client will request tag reads.  This can be a key adjustment when your actually connecting to a physical device.

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