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Linkmaster OPC Bridge

LinkMaster Product Details

Moving data from different device type has never been so easy

In the real world, there are multiple brands of shop floor control system hardware in nearly every manufacturing facility.   Today's manufacturing business initiatives demand that shop floor systems provide access to production data.   The LinkMaster can move data between different OPC Servers connecting to different venders devices with simple drag and drop configuration.   You need shop floor connectivity solutions that are built to stand up and perform in these real world scenarios.

Key Benefits of LinkMaster:

  • Connects to OPC Servers on the same or remote PC via DCOM.
  • Supports connectivity to OPC Servers with redirected ProgIDs.
  • Simple drag and drop of the input to output tag and data starts transferring
  • Comes with advanced OPC Client for testing.
  • Two way data movement between OPC Servers
  • No Limit on the number of OPC Servers or tags
  • Can function as and OPC Consolidator bringing all your OPC Servers under one connection
    • Can control the update request rate to protect network traffic
    • Can overcome other OPC Server Client connection limitations.
  • Separate Event Viewer program to check for communications errors for easy remote monitoring.
  • DDE Server ability along with OPC to allow you to connect to legacy DDE Clients.

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