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Redundancy Methods:

To eliminate the single point of failure you can redesign your OPC applications to use more than one OPC server. The problem is that this requires your OPC client applications to have some form of redundancy built into the product. In either case, you may be required to redevelop your OPC client from the ground up to take advantage of the redundant technology. If you have an existing application of any considerable size, it may not be practical to go back and completely redesign and reconfigure the application. What is needed is a seamless way to drop redundancy into the OPC application without making any changes to your OPC client.

A Better Way: The Redundancy Master

The Redundancy Master is placed on the OPC Client PC and requires no configuration of the OPC Servers or OPC Clients.  This removes all the potential re-work.  You simply browse your primary and back up OPC Servers then choose the tag you want to use to monitor your system.  The Redundancy Master takes care of all the rest.

Just two step till your up and running!

  • Browse for your OPC Servers and choose Hot, Warm or Cold connection
  • Choose the tag to monitor and choose the fail conditions

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