Siemens S5 PLCs Windows Programming Software Version 7

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The S5 for Windows program is an excellent software tool for creating, modifying, testing, and documenting programs for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). S5 for Windows is used to program the SIEMENS PLC family SIMATIC S5 with the programming language STEP5.
Key Features
  • Directly open and edit programs from Step 5 programming software
  • Use current Windows OS based PCs (2000, XP, Vista) to program and maintain your S5 PLCs
  • Statement List (STL), Control System Flowchart (CFL), and Ladder Diagram (LAD) support
Supported S5 PLCs
  • 90U
  • 95U
  • 100U
  • 101U
  • 115U
  • 135U
  • 150U
  • 155U

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With S5 for Windows, existing programs can be edited directly without import/export. The logic presentation is available in Ladder Diagrams, Control System Flowchart, and Statement List. S5 for Windows® is compatible to the original Siemens programming unit. For automatic troubleshooting and simulation, the S5 Doctor functions are integrated as well.

All PLC online-functions are implemented. The new operational concept of version 6 has been developed on the basis of the newest cognitions in operator guidance. Block lists and symbolic tables for example can be arranged freely, they can be drawn in any order from the main window onto a second screen and can be faded out automatically from the main window, in order to gain more space on the screen. The presentation of the module parameters has been adjusted as well.

The S5 for Windows software product is an excellent software tool for creating, modifying, testing, and documenting programs for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). S5 for Windows is used to program the Siemens PLC family SIMATIC S5 with the programming language STEP 5. The logic presentation includes Control System Flowchart (CSF), Statement List (STL), Ladder Diagram (LAD) for programming, editing, and testing.

S5 programs can be edited directly without import/export. S5 for Windows® is compatible to the original Siemens programming unit. For automatic troubleshooting the S5 Doctor functions are integrated as well.

For the Siemens user with S5 PLCs and starting to use S7 PLCs, the S7 for Windows package that is available separately or bundled with S5 for Windows is an excellent choice. With the combination of S5 for Windows and S7 for Windows, you can easily convert your S5 programs to S7 programs.

Contents of this package

When you purchase this item you get the S5 for Windows package that provides the following programming options.

  • Statement List (STL)
  • Control System Flowchart (CFL)
  • Ladder Diagram (LAD)

Also included in the package is a S5 PLC simulator application that runs on your PC and allows you to test your programs. Additionally, the S5 Doctor automatic troubleshooting functions have been integrated into version 6.

This package does not include a cable. This software can use the standard Siemens programming cables for your PLC. If you have an existing programming cable that you used with Step 5 it will work with this package. If you do not have a cable simply ask your local Siemens distributor for the cable used to connect the programming port on your specific model of S5 PLC to a computer RS-232 port.

Windows Platform Support

The user can select the Windows operating systems he or she prefers to use for programming. The software packages S5 for Windows® requires a 32-Bit Operating System and may be installed on

  • Windows XP (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 8 (32/64 Bit)

Creating and Editing

A comfortable editor to create and edit symbolic tables is integrated. Searching and replacing for any criteria as well as rewiring is possible. A syntax check for already available addresses, symbolic or absolute, is integrated. The new comfortable multiple segment editor for the creation of statement lists, function block and ladder diagrams allows the representation of complex functions too.

Focus was set on the ease of use with the mouse and/or the keyboard. Cross references and/or the corresponding symbol files are shown with the correct addresses. In this window the symbol file can be edited simultaneously. The allocation of new addresses with syntax check is integrated. Statement lists are created with the comfort of integrated editor.

The Windows® clipboard can be used for program or configuration manipulations in any place. Statement lists can be altered into function block or ladder diagrams, as far as they can be displayed. The display of Function Block Diagrams and Ladder Diagrams in form of State Statement Lists is always possible.


S5 for Windows® supports the installed Windows Printer. The program created will be printed with multiple comments and preset headers and footers. The selection of font and size are obvious. A separate dialog box is provided to select groups of operands to be printed as a Cross Reference list. Open windows, such as the status window, may also be printed.

S5 Simulator built in

With the Integrated Simulation PLC it is possible to test your S5 PLC programs. No additional hardware is needed. The test will be performed on your PC. The Integrated Simulation PLC gives you the same online status display as a real PLC connected via a serial link. With the click of the mouse or with the keyboard you can set or reset Inputs, Outputs, or Flags directly within the online status display. From the Integrated Simulation PLC Window the PLC program can be executed in single steps. The single step operation allows you to execute a single program cycle, a single Block, or a single instruction within a block. You will find buttons to start, stop, and execute the start OB’s. Fields to display the value of variables (operands, timers, counters data words etc.) and fields to display and set inputs, outputs, and flags, are provided. The Integrated Simulation PLC is an open system. It is also possible to connect Peripheral Bytes with hardware ports. Doing so, the Integrated Simulation PLC may read or write to (I/O Boards) having hardware ports. To extend the instruction set, the Integrated Simulation PLC has the ability to call DLL programs whenever it executes an unknown command.

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