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Toyopuc PC2/PC3 Suite TOP Server
Part Number:   41233130-N  
Domestic Price:   US$1450
Availability:   In Stock - Ships in 0 to 1 days.
Delivery Method:   CD and/or Online Delivery (shipping costs apply)
Includes:   Perpetual License to use the server and drivers in this suite on a single computer with no artificial limits on number of devices, tags, or connected client applications. You own this license and it will continue to operate without payment of any other annual fees. Price shown includes 1 year of email/phone support and upgrades. If you want access to email & phone technical support after first year, you may renew maintenance, otherwise there are no hidden recurring fees.

This suite of drivers provides connectivity to Toyopuc PC2 PLCS via Serial or Toyopuc PC2, PC3 and PC10G PLCs via TCP/IP Ethernet connections.
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When you purchase this item you get licenses for two different drivers for communications to your Toyopuc PLCs. Connections for client applications using OPC, FastDDE, Suitelink, AdvancedDDE, and DDE are supported. Toyopuc PC3/PC2 Ethernet Driver:

The Toyopuc PC3/PC2 Ethernet driver provides support for Toyopuc PLCs supporting TCP/IP Ethernet connections. This driver also supports our NIC Selectability feature that lets you control and specify which network card to use in your PC when multiple cards are present.

Features / PLC Support:

  • Protocol: Toyopuc PC3/PC2 Ethernet Computer Link
  • Maximum Channels: 256
  • Maximum Devices per Channel: 1024
  • Models Supported: PC3/PC2 Interchange, PC3 and PC10G
  • Supports multiple stations via IP Addressing
  • Additional diagnostics functions provided for application tuning
  • Supports independent access to all three PLC program areas
  • Memory Types Supported: P, K, V, T, C, L, X, Y, M, S, N, R, D, B
  • Supports all Extended memory areas
  • Supports Multi Point Random Read operation for faster data access
  • All data types are supported
  • Supports FL-net Multi-Layer Link Communications.

Toyopuc PC2 Serial Driver:

The Toyopuc PC2 Serial driver provides support for Toyopuc PLCs supporting Serial connections.

Features / PLC Support:

  • Protocol: Toyopuc Computer Link
  • Maximum Channels: 100
  • Maximum Devices per Channel: 32
  • Models Supported: PC2 Series or any Computer Link compatible device
  • Supports FL-net Multi-Layer Link Communications
  • Multi-drop RS-485 (1 to N)
  • Supports Ethernet Encapsulation
  • Modem Support
  • Memory Types Supported: P, K, V, T, C, L, X, Y, M, S, N, R, D, B
  • Supports Multi Point Random Read operation for faster data access
  • All data types are supported

Operating System Support:

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