DDE Client Driver TOP Server OPC Server

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This software product is used to connect software applications that are OPC or SuiteLink clients to legacy DDE server applications. For example, connect your new OPC compliant HMI application to existing I/O servers that support DDE using this tool.
OPC Compliance LogoDo you have existing software drivers in your facility that use DDE to interface to other applications and you need to connect them to the latest software using the OPC specification to connect to drivers ? If so this product provides a solution.

The DDE client driver connects to any DDE server application that supports Microsoft standard DDE. Use standard Application|Topic!ItemName syntax to configure tag names in the DDE Client driver that map to the items in your DDE server. Those tags names are then available as OPC items that can be browsed, connected to, subscribed to, read from or written to by any OPC client application supporting the OPC Data Access 1.0 or 2.0 specifications.

You can give your existing DDE applications new life by putting this bridge in front of them, saving you the expense and engineering time of replacing them with new applications. As an added bonus, your tags are also available to applications that use FastDDE, Suitelink, or AdvancedDDE for their communications.

NOTE: Special considerations are required when using DDE depending on the operating system where TOP Server is installed. Please select one of the following options that corresponds to your operating system for additional details.

Windows XP / Server 2003 Operating Systems

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Server 2008 Operating Systems

Product Features:

  • Can be used with any DDE server that supports standard Microsoft DDE.
  • Addressing uses familiar "ApplicationName| TopicName ! ItemName" method for DDE server data.
  • All major data types are supported
  • DDE Link can be reinitialized via built-in Reintialization tag.
  • String array support for XLTable format type.