InTouch Client Driver TOP Server (OPC to Wonderware InTouch Bridge)

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This product adds OPC UA and OPC DA Server interfaces to Wonderware InTouch systems. Unlike other solutions, this product automatically configures itself to expose your InTouch tags as OPC UA and DA items, saving significant engineering time. Once installed, the product can expose all of the tags in the InTouch tag database as items for OPC UA and/or DA client applications such as ERP, MRP, Historian systems and others. Read/Write or Read only access supported, all user configurable.
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This product saves you time and money in integrating InTouch systems with other enterprise systems in your facility. By exposing the data in your InTouch system via all of the TOP Server standard client-side interfaces such as standard OPC UA and OPC DA interfaces, you can be assured that once you install this driver on your InTouch node, you will be able to gain access to your InTouch data from a wide variety of applications that support acting as an OPC UA or OPC DA client. No other solution for exposing InTouch data by way of OPC provides the ease-of-setup and performance that the TOP Server InTouch Client Driver provides.

Key Features

  • Makes InTouch an OPC UA and/or OPC DA Server
  • Native IDEA Toolkit Interface to InTouch
  • Easy Set-up - Auto-generate tags
  • Supports all I/O and memory tags, and both local and remote tags, as well as InTouch system tags (remote tag access done through the local node).
  • OPC UA and OPC DA Clients can browse for tags
  • Read/Write or Read only access to tags supported
  • Exception-based updating from InTouch minimizes impact on InTouch performance.
  • Works with all InTouch versions 7.1 and above including current versions.
  • OPC Compliance Tested
  • OPC Interoperability Tested
Simple Setup The ease of setup of this driver is one of its major benefits.
  • Important: It is required to either run the TOP Server in Interactive Mode (rather than as a service) or to set the TOP Server service to run as a specific user when using the InTouch Client Driver. (Click for Instructions)
  • Install the product on the PC with your target InTouch node and launch it
  • Through our simple point-and-click interface, tell the driver the location on the computer where the InTouch project is found.
  • The driver will automatically build the OPC tag database for your project
  • Connect with your OPC UA and/or OPC DA client
  • For a detailed list of the necessary configuration steps, please click here.
Maintenance Features

The driver exposes a system tag/item named _AutoCreateTagDatabase - which, when written to, will cause the driver to refresh its tag list with the latest available tags from InTouch. Configurable settings for handling new tags, deleted tags, etc are available in the driver. Your OPC UA and/or OPC DA client can write to this system tag at any time to trigger a refresh of the available items.

Flexible Performance Options

Because this driver connects to Intouch using the InTouch External Database Access (IDEA) Toolkit from Wonderware, you can be assured that the performance of reading the data from the InTouch database will be at its best.

We also give you the ability to set whether or not the driver should poll InTouch for updates, have InTouch advise the driver of changed data, or a combination. You may even optionally tell the driver only get data from InTouch for tags that an OPC UA and/or OPC DA client has subscribed to.

Our extensive help file includes a section on Optimizing Your InTouch Client Driver Communications that covers best practices for maximizing throughput while minimizing impact on InTouch performance.

Other Powerful Features in the TOP Server include:

  • Tag Browsing
  • Extensive help files and examples of how to use the TOP Server with popular OPC clients
  • 32-bit high performance multi-threaded drivers
  • Runs as a service to allow auto-start for unattended operation
  • Works with any OPC client or DDE, AdvancedDDE client application
  • Supports Intellution PDB interface-makes this driver look like a native Intellution driver.