Red Prairie Logistics Systems Transaction Driver for TOP Server

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This member of the TOP Server family was specifically designed to provide master and slave (i.e. two-way) communications with business logistics systems powered by software from Red Prairie systems. This driver also has unique possibilities for inter-system communications between TOP Server systems (see below).
OPC Compliance Logo This driver is intended to allow HMI/SCADA systems to interface cleanly with business logistics software from Red Prairie. The TOP Server provides interfaces to HMI/SCADA systems via OPC, Suitelink (Wonderware), Intellution NIO (Native I/O Driver), AdvancedDDE, and DDE. Because the TOP Server provides all these different interface methods, once you put this driver in front of your Red Prairie Logistics system, you can be assured youll be able to interface it to any other manufacturing system that supports these various methods of interface.

To learn more about the TOP Server family of products, we strongly encourage you to visit the TOP Server focus site at Below are full details on this specific member of the TOP Server family:

The Red Prairie Interface

The Red Prairie software system provides a TCP/IP interface and a means of sending and receiving data transactions. This TOP Server driver can function as a sender of solicited messages/requests to the Red Prairie system and it can simultaneously be setup to receive data as unsolicited messages coming from the Red Prairie system.

This driver is extremely flexible. The user can define a set of tags and then group them as a "transaction" and then arrange to have that transaction sent by writing to a special master tag for that transaction. The user can define any number of tags of mixed data types and lengths in the transaction. For example, in the screen below a transaction named "OLOAD" is defined in the TOP Server Red Prairie Driver:

Message Handling

For solicited messages where the HMI/SCADA system wants to send something to the Red Prairie system, the HMI would put the needed data into the field tags shown above and then write any value to the Master Tag.

For unsolicited messages sent from the Red Prairie system to the TOP Server, the messages will be received and matched with the appropriate transaction code and parsed into the field tags - once that is done the Master Tag for that transaction is updated. This automatically notifies the HMI/SCADA system of the new transaction data available.

Unique and Creative Uses

For the very creative TOP Server user, they will realize that this driver could be used to achieve a transactional based means of communicating between two or more TOP Servers running in a plant. This is done by using that fact that this driver can send messages AND receive unsolicited messages SIMULTANEOUSLY. No Red Prairie system is required to take advantage of this messaging capability.