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Advanced Tag Plug-in
Part Number:   41233195-N  
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Includes:   Perpetual License to use the server and drivers in this suite on a single computer with no artificial limits on number of devices, tags, or connected client applications. You own this license and it will continue to operate without payment of any other annual fees. Price shown includes 1 year of email/phone support and upgrades. If you want access to email & phone technical support after first year, you may renew maintenance, otherwise there are no hidden recurring fees.

The Advanced Tag Plug-in provides added features to any TOP Server driver in addition to special features for use with the TOP Server Oracle connector Plug-ins. Advanced tags are used to perform simple analytics such as math, logic and evaluation functions on other tags. Data bridging is also possible across protocols or within the same protocol using Link tags.

Your machines may not deliver all the data you need for proper operations assessment. Variables such as Cycle Time, Maximum Temperature, Downtime Reason, etc. may not exist, yet are essential for operations analysis.

Advanced Tags deliver an array of mathematical and logical operators enabling the generation of new data, or the aggregation of existing data into information suitable for higher level archival and analysis. Through Advanced Tags, users can create valuable information for future analytics including:

  • Measuring the duration of operations
  • Totalizing events
  • Performing averages across a group of sensors
  • Setting trigger conditions for data acquisition
  • Combining machine conditions to generate an overall machine state
  • Linking tags for bridging values between variables on the same or different devices
  • And much more

Advanced Tags are similar to I/O Tags. Advanced Tags enable you to create an expression, browsing from existing data tags, and combining them with math and logic operators to generate a new result. Using the OPC DA Client driver it is possible to bring data from other OPC DA Servers as well.

And, now, with the addition of Link tags, it is possible to bridge data between different protocols, between different devices using the same protocol or even between addresses on the same device. Use any tags available in TOP Server as input and output tags, reading from one input and writing that value to the specified output, with configurable trigger conditions for when a write should occur.

Proper operations analysis and assessment requires industrial control applications be able to deliver an array of data. Often times this data will require some form of calculation to be made. These calculations will help determine if operations are functioning properly and identify deficiencies which need to be addressed. The Advanced Tag Plug-in allows you to eliminate time-consuming scripting functions for analysis and bridging within your client application, saving you time and money and helping to improve decisions and efficiencies in your industrial control applications.

Click here for a comprehensive application note pertaining to use of the TOP Server Advanced Tag Plug-in.

Pre-Defined Linking, Logic and Math Tags:

  • Average Value Tags
    computes the running average of a tag value
  • Maximum Value Tags
    show the highest value for a selected tag
  • Minimum Value Tags
    show the lowest value for a selected tag
  • Derived Value Tags
    are used to provide math and/or logic operations on one or more tag values.
  • Link Tags
    are used to link data between different protocols, between different devices using the same protocol or between addresses on the same device

These functions can be combined to perform complex math routines and evaluations.

  • Arithmetic Operations
    Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulo (remainder)
  • Functions
    Absolute Value, Arc Cosine, Arc Sine, Arc Tangent, Cosine, Sine, Tangent, Power (exponential), Square Root
  • Logic
    And, Equal To, Greater Than, Less Than, Not True, Or etc
  • Oracle Cumulative Tags
    Returns the delta between the last value polled and the current value polled from a specific tag
  • Complex tags - used to group multiple tags of varying data types as a single complex structure ONLY for use with the Oracle Connector Plug-in

See http://www.toolboxopc.com for more information on the TOP Server.


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