Beckhoff TwinCAT TOP Server OPC+IO Server

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This product is intended for use with applications such as HMIs that support OPC, FastDDE, SuiteLink, AdvancedDDE and DDE, to connect them to Beckhoff Twin CAT PLC, BC9xxx Coupler Controller and BX9xxx Coupler controller. The Beckhoff TwinCAT Driver is specifically designed to communicate with a Beckhoff TwinCAT software system. The Beckhoff TwinCAT software system turns any compatible PC into a real-time controller with a multi-PLC system, NC axis control, programming environment and operating station.
OPC Compliance Logo TwinCAT replaces conventional PLC and NC/CNC controllers as well as operating devices with:
  • Open, compatible PC hardware
  • Embedded IEC 61131-3 software PLC, software NC and software CNC in Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, NT/ XP Embedded, CE
  • Programming and run-time systems optionally together on one PC or separated
  • Connection to all common fieldbuses
  • PC interfaces are supported
  • Data communication with user interfaces and other programs by means of open Microsoft standards (OPC, OCX, DLL, etc.)
  • Driver automatically checks controller version for best performance
IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting with TOP Server V5.13, the Beckhoff TwinCAT Remote Manager Utility and TcAdsDll.dll will no longer be provided as part of the TOP Server install. Users will need to obtain the TwinCAT ADS Communication library from Beckhoff in order to access the tools required to configure successful AMS Remote Connections.

World-wide Connection Through Message Routing

TwinCAT PLC programs can run on PCs or on Beckhoff Bus Terminal Controllers. A message router manages and distributes all the messages, both in the system and via TCP/IP connections. PC systems can be connected with each other via TCP/IP; Bus Terminal Controllers are integrated via serial interfaces and fieldbuses.

TwinCAT ADS (Automation Device Specification)

The data link to TwinCAT servers always takes place via the message router system. This enables Windows programs not only to work with the local server but also to exchange data with all registered TwinCAT servers worldwide. The message router also ensures that the data exchange to remote servers on other PCs or field equipment can occur.

TwinCAT I/O Universal I/O Interface For All Common Fieldbuses

Many PC fieldbus cards from various manufacturers are supported. It is possible to operate more than one fieldbus card per PC. Master and slave functionality is supported, depending on the selected fieldbus card. The fieldbus cards can be configured and diagnosed conveniently via the TwinCAT System Manager. TwinCAT I/O includes the TwinCAT real-time system for operating the fieldbuses and a DLL interface to application programs.


TwinCAT PLC was conceived as a pure software PLC. It allows up to four virtual PLC CPUs on one PC, with each running up to four separate user tasks. TwinCAT PLC includes both the programming environment and the run-time system. Under the CE operating system and the embedded operating systems for the series BX and BC controllers, only TwinCAT run-time is available. Program modifications are implemented via network-capable powerful communication with the run-time system.

Additional Driver Features

  • Automatic Tag Generation is supported by Symbols upload from the device or from a Symbols file (.tpy)
  • Import TwinCAT variables and specified OPC Item Properties
  • Maximum TwinCAT System Connections - 50,000 (100 channels, 500 per channel)
  • Symbolic Based Addressing
  • AMS Routing Support
Includes support for Wonderware FastDDE AND Suitelink! - More

This communications driver is a member of the TOP Server family of products and shares a number of powerful features in common with all of the products in the TOP Server family. The TOP Server family represents the latest in client-server communications technology for connecting HMI, Historian, Database, and other applications to plant floor equipment.

Broad OPC Technology Support
The TOP Server implements a wide range of OPC specifications, including OPC DA, OPC UA, OPC AE, OPC .NET and OPC HDA. Click here for full details of the current OPC Specifications and Versions Supported

This level of OPC support gives you the choice of the widest range of OPC client applications. The TOP Server is continuously tested with the most popular OPC client applications on the market to insure ease of use, integration, and reliability, including popular names as Wonderware, Siemens WinCC, Intellution, Iconics, Cimplicity, RSView and more.

Full Support for Wonderware SuiteLink and FastDDE
The TOP Server's support of Wonderware SuiteLink simplifies the task of connecting the server with Wonderware applications such as InTouch, Historian and System Platform. By using the Wonderware connectivity toolkit, our TOP Server can simultaneously provide OPC and FastDDE/SuiteLink connectivity to address your communications needs (make sure to select this interface from the Native Client Interfaces when installing TOP Server). With built-in support of these Client/Server technologies, the TOP Server allows you to quickly access device data without the need to use an intermediary software bridge (i.e. OI Gateway, formerly known as FSGateway) as is done when using a strictly OPC only communications server. For Wonderware users, the familiar look and feel of FastDDE/SuiteLink tag database setup is maintained. Backwards compatibility for legacy DDE is also supported.

Intellution NIO/PDB native interface supported - no OPC Power Tool needed!
Direct connection to the iFix Process Database allows you to skip the OPC Power Tool. Enabling the iFix PDB interface in TOP Server under File | Project Properties allows TOP Server to appear as a native Intellution driver named "IDS" (make sure to select this interface from the Native Client Interfaces when installing TOP Server). Never before has connecting TOP Server to Intellution iFix been easier.

Legacy Support for DDE
While OPC has become the most common choice for communications drivers in the automation market, we realize that not everyone can replace their client software with the latest OPC technology. For this reason, TOP Server is one of the few OPC servers on the market to also simultaneously support Wonderware's FastDDE and Suitelink interfaces, Rockwell's AdvanceDDE and Microsoft's standard DDE interfaces for connecting the TOP Server to your client application. With the TOP Server, you can connect to your legacy DDE clients today and move smoothly to the world of OPC when you are ready and not have to worry about replacing or re-configuring the communications driver connecting you to your production machinery.

Other Key Features in the TOP Server

Runtime Configuration Changes A very unique feature to this product is the ability to change your configuration while the server is running and has clients connected. The connected client application has access to an expansive group of system tags that allow the client to request the TOP Server to change a number of different settings at runtime.

Online Full Time The TOP Server allows you to make changes to your tag database configuration at any time. In older versions, you could be online, but not add tags, or be offline to add tags but not read data. With the TOP Server you make changes when you need to, on the fly.

User Management With powerful features such as online changes, you want to make sure you manage who is allowed to make certain changes. The User Manager in the TOP Server lets you define what different people can change and update in the servers' configuration.

Security Policies Plug-in Aside from standard user management, the included Security Policies plug-in for TOP Server provides even further granular control of access by users with respect to what changes can and cannot be made by certain users, including all the way down to the individual channel, device and even tag level. You must be using an OPC UA client application in order to benefit from this plug in as the OPC UA standard supports passing OPC UA authentication.

Tag Management You want to organize your tag database around your process. With the TOP Server we've taken full advantage of OPC grouping capabilities to let you segregate and organize your tags the way you want them. Drag and Drop configuration lets you quickly move, add, copy large numbers of tags quickly and easily. CSV (Ascii comma-delimited) format import and export lets you bring in your tags from an Excel worksheet or export them, edit them in bulk and bring them back in.

Tag Scaling Display your data in units that are meaningful to you. The TOP Server supports Linear and Square Root tag scaling. You define the display format and the engineering units display string to meet your needs.

Diagnostics The TOP Server family of communications products provides real-time OPC diagnostics for all tag read/write operations between TOP Server and your OPC clients (DA and UA) to keep tabs on what is going on in the server. For those tough to debug communications problems, you can turn on our communication diagnostics and capture protocol packets off to disk to find out what is really happening between the computer and the hardware device.

Redundancy The TOP Server includes a Media-Level Redundancy plug-in at no additional cost (simply select it from the list of available option while installing TOP Server). Easily configure redundant paths for redundant devices and redundant communication connections to the same device as part of your device configurations in TOP Server. Automatic failover handling is flexible, with multiple options for how to trigger a failover.

Other Powerful Features in the TOP Server include:

  • OPC Tag Browsing
  • Modem support built-in for serial drivers
  • Ethernet encapsulation support built-in for most serial drivers
  • Auto-demotion (i.e. slow polling) support
  • Extensive help files and examples of how to use the TOP Server with popular OPC clients
  • Visual Basic OPC client sample code
  • 32-bit high performance multi-threaded drivers
  • Run as a Windows service for unattended operation
  • Works with any OPC client or DDE, AdvancedDDE client application
  • Works with Wonderware's FastDDE and SuiteLink interfaces
  • For details on additional functionality and optional features click here

Specifications (Operating Systems/Client Interfaces/Hardware Requirements)