Mettler Toledo Serial TOP Server

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Includes:   Perpetual License to use the server and drivers in this suite on a single computer with no artificial limits on number of devices, tags, or connected client applications. You own this license and it will continue to operate without payment of any other annual fees. Price shown includes 1 year of email/phone support and upgrades. If you want access to email & phone technical support after first year, you may renew maintenance, otherwise there are no hidden recurring fees.

This product is intended for use with applications such as HMIs that support OPC, FastDDE, SuiteLink, AdvancedDDE and DDE to connect them to devices that use the Mettler Toledo Continuous Output Mode serial RS-232/485 protocol.
OPC Compliance LogoThis server provides a data exchange connection between client software supporting OPC, DDE, FastDDE, SuiteLink, or AdvancedDDE interfaces and Mettler Toledo scales supporting Continuous Output and Continuous Extended Output over serial connections.

Protocol Supported:

  • Mettler Toledo Continuous Output Mode Serial Protocol
Maximum Number of Channels & Devices Supported:

  • Channels - 100
  • Devices - 10
Driver Features:

  • Standard Continuous Mode Support
  • Extended Continuous Mode Support
  • Automatic Tag Generation
  • Write-Only Boolean Tags for CTPZ Commands (Clear/Tare/Print/Zero)
  • Data Freshness Set data quality to bad if not updated within (#secs)
  • Hardware Checksum support
  • Modem Support
  • Unsolicited Ethernet Encapsulation Support
Supported Devices
Devices Standard Continuous Extended Continuous
IND780 X X
IND560 X
IND560x X
IND131/331 X X
IND310 X
IND690 X
IND226 X
IND135 X
Panther X X
Lynx X
Jaguar/JagXtreme X