ODBC DataLogger Plug In Component for TOP Server

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Includes:   Perpetual License to use the server and drivers in this suite on a single computer with no artificial limits on number of devices, tags, or connected client applications. You own this license and it will continue to operate without payment of any other annual fees. Price shown includes 1 year of email/phone support and upgrades. If you want access to email & phone technical support after first year, you may renew maintenance, otherwise there are no hidden recurring fees.

The TOP Server ODBC DataLogger Plug-In Component is an easy to configure application that logs data from any TOP Server driver to any ODBC-compliant database. The component`s tight integration with the TOP Server provides substantial unique benefits such as simple installation, high-efficiency performance, and easy browsing of tags in the TOP Server address-space.
Use the OPC DataLogger if you need to log from other OPC Servers.

Feature Highlights:

  • Store-and-Forward support - buffers data locally while database is unavailable to prevent data loss
  • Support for any ODBC-compliant database management system
  • User-friendly installation and configuration
  • Drag-and-drop support for adding OPC data item (tags)
  • Support for dynamically created tags
  • Flexible triggering
  • Includes the Simulator driver
  • Supports deadband for logged items
  • Supports an optional NumericID field for logged items
  • Ability to use Start/Stop snapshots without requiring the "Log on Static Interval" or "Log on data Change Trigger" behaviors to be enabled
  • Provides an _LogDataBit system tag that client applications can utilize to trigger data logging
  • Support for optional programmatic configuration via RESTful API
  • Support for logging Complex tags from Advanced Tags plug-in
  • Two-hour demo for evaluation
  • Performance Features:

  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Scalability through support of multiple concurrent logging processes (threads)
  • Supports both automatic table creation and the ability to append data to an existing table.
  • Data is logged directly from the local item list, no reliance on external OPC Servers.
  • Error recovery: Auto reconnect if a DSN connection is lost
  • Optional automatic configuration backup (most recent copy of configuration file is saved)
  • DBMS & ODBC Drivers

    Data Logger supports the following ODBC drivers. Note that the ODBC driver for the Database Management System you are using must be installed on the PC that is running your OPC server.

    • SQL Native Client (necessary for SQL Server 2005)
    • SQL Server ODBC Driver (compatible with pre-SQL Server 2005)
    • MyODBC driver 3.51 (for MySQL)
    • Microsoft Access 4.0 ODBC Driver
    • Linked Excel table support provided through the Microsoft Access 4.0 ODBC driver

    This product is licensed on a per computer basis. Thus if you have two TOP Servers on two different PCs that need to use the DataLogger Component, a license will be needed for each PC.

    Operating System Support:

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