TOP Server Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) Suite


EFM Exporter Plug-In Features:


  • Flow-Cal CFX File Exporter Features
    • Gas EFM data with History Types 1-4
    • Liquid EFM data with History Types 11-13
  • Flow-Cal Transaction Queue
    • Gas EFM data with History Types 1-4
  • PGAS Exporter Features
    • Four types of EFM record outputs (Alarms/Events/Analytics/Volume)
    • Enable/Disable Analytics
    • Enable/Disable Volume
  • CSV Exporter Features
    • Multiple meters per export
    • Output file for each EFM Type (Config/Alarms/Events/History)
    • Unique file/path name per meter
    • Liquids export support
  •  SQL / ODBC Database Exporter Features
    • Exports Configuration, Alarms, Events, Daily and Hourly History Data
    • Easy-to-use mappings between EFM attributes and DB table fields
    • Liquids export support
  • Wild card support for File Path and File Name
  • Wild card support for channel, device, meter, and meter ID that can be used to define the file path and file name of EFM export data.
  • Wild card support for ContractYear, ContractMonth, ContractDay, ContractHour.
  • Schedule automatic polls for EFM data.
  • Flexible scheduling (i.e. poll 15 minutes past the hour, every hour, etc.)
  • Trigger demand polls by writing to tags.
  • Collect daily and hourly history data, as well as alarms and events.
  • Full control of exported file names and locations including network path and wildcard support)
  • Organization of exported data by record times, including support for organizing files by contract hour.
  • Map data from one meter/device to multiple supported export formats
  • Import/Export of the configuration to CSV and easily configure projects in Excel.
  • Support for demand polling single meters via _Poll system tag.
  • Support for gathering historical data from Enron gas chromatograph devices.

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