TOP Server IEC 61850 MMS Client OPC & I/O Server

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Protocols Supported:


  • IEC 61850 over MMS (TCP/IP Ethernet)


Physical Networks Supported:


  • TCP/IP Ethernet

Devices Supported:


  • Power distribution devices supporting IEC 61850 over MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification)


Maximum Number of Channels & Devices Supported:


  • Channels - 256
  • Device - 256 per Channel

IEC 61850 Driver Features:


  • Solicited data access through Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) Read and Write requests.
  • Unsolicited data through MMS Information Reports
  • Special handling of Reads and Writes as they relate to IEC 61850 control operations
  • Enable/Disable unsolicited report handling
  • Buffering of reported data
  • Configurable buffer size
  • Configurable buffer playback rate
  • Configurable polling interval
  • Support for millisecond resolution on timestamps passed by the device.

Advanced Features:


  • Association Control Service Element (ACSE) authentication

    Automatic Configuration

    • From Device
    • From SCL File (Substation Configuration Language) - supported file types: .cid, .icd or .scd
    • Selectable functional constraints for tag generation
    • Force tags for polling only
    • Supports tag generation from Edition 2 .icd files
  • Controllable object writes containing the following attributes:
    • orCat
    • orIdent
    • ctlNum
    • Test
    • Check


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