TOP Server ABB Totalflow Serial OPC & I/O Server

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The TOP Server provides a communication interface for ABB Totalflow devices using the DB1 Serial and DB2 Serial protocols.  This includes the 6000 Series microFLO, 6000 XSeriesG4, and 6000 XSeriesG3 families, as well as legacy G1 and G2 FCUs.


The ABB Totalflow Serial Driver provides an easy and reliable way to read and write real-time data for OMNI Flow Computers through client applications (including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications).



Protocols Supported:


  •     DB1 Serial
  •     DB2 Serial


Physical Networks Supported:






Devices Supported:


  •     6000 Series microFLO
  •     6000 XSeriesG4
  •     6000 XSeriesG3
  •     G1 FCUs
  •     G2 FCUs


Maximum Number of Channels & Devices Supported:


    Channels - 1024

    Devices (per Channel) - 256

    COM Port Range - 1 to 999

ABB Totalflow Serial Driver Real-Time Features:


  •     Security code support
  •     Communications
  • Configurable Inter-Device Delay
  • Configurable Inter-Request Delay
  • Configurable Block and Packet size
  • Configurable Link Time
  • Communications serialization
  • Time Synchronization
  • User Defined Block Sizes
  • Support for Advanced Statistics Tags, including _CommFailures, _ErrorResponses and more.


ABB Totalflow Serial Driver Feature:




  • EFM Support using the EFM Exporter Plug-In
    • FlowCal CFX (V5)
    • PGAS
    • CSV
    • SQL / ODBC Databases
    • Support ability to poll EFM records from Totalflow devices and populate appropriately in CFX V7 files supported by FLOWCAL V8
    • Support for hourly history, daily history, batch, liquid product, alarms, and events
    • Support for a single Totalflow device with both liquid and gas meters
    • Support for liquid EFM collection for the following Gen4 device models
    • 6000 XSeriesG4
    • Ability to specify up to 70 EFM meters per device for DB2 protocol
  • Enable/Disable Clearing Cache on Next Upload
  • EFM Configuration and Mapping
    • EFM History
    • EFM Alarm
    • EFM Event
  • EFM Pointer File cached to disk eliminating repoll of EFM data previously collected when server is restarted
  • Pointer Rollback capability for retrieving lost EFM data from a device


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