TOP Server CID (Custom Interface Driver) OPC & I/O Server

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The TOP Server Custom Interface Driver allows you to quickly and easily add an external client interface to any custom developed application.  The CID driver is completely integrated into the TOP Server just like the large number of other drivers in the TOP Server family, which means your custom application gains the proven interoperability with most software applications in the automation industry that comes with TOP Server.


The CID driver can access any CID-compliant software solution implementing developer accepted Shared Memory Standards and Constructs.  Once accessed, TOP Server makes this data available to client applications through its wide range of client interfaces, including certified standards such as OPC and native interfaces such as Suitelink and NIO/PDB.


A software solution becomes CID-compliant when a developer adds functionality to that solution for creating a shared memory interface that is accessible by an external application - the TOP Server CID Driver.


Making your custom software solution CID-compliant couldn’t be easier, with the TOP Server CID driver installing with sample code (C++ and C#) to help you get started and using standard developer techniques.

CID Benefits for Developers:


  • No Toolkits to Purchase and Learn
  • Sample Code Provided (C++ or C#)
  • Implementation relies on Developer Known Shared Memory Standards and Constructs
    • XML-Based Memory Map Definition
    • Mutex Locking for Memory Access
    • Timeouts for Error Checking
    • Max Processing Values to Avoid Excessive Blocking
  • Definition of up to 2 Gigabytes of Shared Memory
  • Coordination of Processing through Handshakes
    • Read Request Handshaking
    • Write Request Handshaking
  • Support for all Standard Data Types and Arrays
    • Boolean, Byte, Character, Word, Short, DWord, Long, Float, Double, BCD, LBCD, Date, String, Array
  • Support for bit access for a single element
  • Support for single element access from a array


CID Benefits for End-Users:


  • Auto-Configuration of TOP Server project

        XML File Import (XML Generated by CID Applicaton)

        Creates Channels, Devices and Tags

  • Robust Tag Definition
    • Tag Name
    • Description
    • Scan Rate
    • Data Type
    • Read/Write Access
    • Much More
  • CID Application Specific Error Code Integration with TOP Server Event Log
  • Single Data Source for CID and PLC Data
  • The CID Driver can be used many times in a single TOP Server project, with each instance accessing different CID Applications
  • Simple configuration applying the same principles as other
    • Channel Configuration
    • Device Configuration

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