TOP Server Local Historian Plug-In 10K Tags

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The TOP Server Local Historian Plug-in is used in conjunction with any other TOP Server driver that is collecting data from devices or other data servers to create a local historical data store.


The TOP Server Local Historian Plug-In moves data collection, storage and access closer to the data source to prevent data loss and improve operational efficiency.  Because the Local Historian plugs-in to TOP Server, it can connect to any device and add devices in real-time without operational downtime.



Available as either a 500 tag or 10,000 tag option, the TOP Server Local Historian Plug-In is NOT intended as a replacement or alternative to enterprise level historian solutions.  Instead, the Local Historian Plug-In is intended for smaller volumes of data and will complement the powerful functionality of enterprise historian solutions in many situations:


  • Remote, isolated locations such as off-shore oil/gas drilling rigs
  • Secure facilities, such as laboratories
  • Smaller operations where historical needs are small and an enterprise solution doesn’t fit yet
  • Where validation of stored data is desired for the enterprise historian

Local Historian Plug-In Features:


  • Configurable historical archive file spanning
    • Rollover to a new file after specified number of hours or days
    • Rollover to a new file when the active archive file reaches a specified file size (in MB)
  • Configurable historical archive file retention
    • Specify the number of files to maintain
    • Oldest files are removed to maintain specified number of files
    • Possible to retain all files indefinitely (NOTE:  This will consume increasing amounts of disk space)
  • Flexible tag configuration supports static tags or dynamic address references
  • Configurable scan rate at the tag level
  • Absolute deadband support at the tag level
  • Import of .tsd historical data files (archived or from other TOP Server instances)
  • Easy configurable view of data being stored
    • Configurable number of values shown for each tag
    •  View live update or specify a static date range


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